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Zodiac signs series




In this collective project, each artist created their personal interpretation of the twelve zodiac signs.

To commemorate this remarkable artistic production, each participant made their own boxes cataloging a 10 limited edition of the twelve zodiac signs. The twelve prints, distinct in their techniques and representative of each sign, are imbued with the artist's style, concept, and expertise. These prints add a touch of authenticity and personal connection to the collection.


"MILLE CONSTELLATIONS" (THOUSAND CONSTELLATIONS) was an intricate journey spanning across 17 months, where I poured my creativity into crafting a unique project. Inspired by the captivating symbolism of Greek mythology, I embarked on designing digital prints of my very own zodiac collection.


Immersed in the enchanting world of gods and goddesses, I meticulously handpicked divine beings that epitomized the essence of each astrological zodiac sign. I chose distinctive sacred attributes associated with these revered deities, and I creatively integrated my personal choices in each design. Every stroke of my digital brush carefully etched the embodiment of both power and grace, capturing the very spirit of the zodiac signs. To deepen the connection between the viewer and my art, I subtly weaved in the distinguished symbol of each zodiac sign, enhancing their experience and evoking a sense of delight.

This labor of love stands as a testament to my dedication and passion, creating a mesmerizing collection that invites others to explore the profound depths of Greek mythology through the lens of the zodiac.


Interpretation for each sign

Aries: Ares    God of war and destruction. His attributes are the spear, shield, armor and chariot. His sacred animals include the poisonous snake, the vulture, the boars and the dog. No sacred plants are known.

Taurus: Hestia   Goddess of the home and chastity. She is depicted wearing a veil over her head. Her main attributes are the Hearth Fire and the Modest Veil. Her sacred animal is the sow.


Gemini : Hermes   Messenger of the Gods, herds, communication, commerce, languages ​​and writing. He was also the conductor of souls to the Underworld. His attributes include the caduceus, a winged-staff with two serpents, the winged helmet and sandals, and a large cape. His sacred animals include the hare and the tortoise. One of his sacred plant is the crocus flowers.


Cancer : Artemis   Goddess of the hunt and patroness of wild animals, young virgins as well as parturients. She was also the patron goddess of Amazons, young children and young animals. Her attributes are the golden bow, the silver arrows and the crescent moon. Her sacred animals include the stag or the doe, the dog, the goat, the bull, and the tortoise. One of her sacred plant is the palm tree.


Leo : Zeus    He is the God of the gods, the supreme god and unlike his ancestors, he took care of his offspring. It is the symbol of maturity. His most distinct attributes include lightning and a royal scepter and oak tree. The eagle and the bull are his sacred animals. Both the oak trees and he olive trees are his sacred plant.


Virgo :  Demeter   Goddess of agriculture and harvest. Her attributes are the wheat, the torch, and the sheaf of wheat. Her sacred animals include the sow, the ram, the crane and dove.


Libra : Aphrodite   Goddess of the heavenly love, beauty, desire and pleasure. Her attributes are the rose, the myrtle and the scallop shell. Her sacred animals include the dove and the sparrows. Her sacred plant is the myrtle and the rose.


Scorpio : Hades   God of the underworld and the dead where he reigned there with his wife Persephone. His attributes are the royal scepter, and the three-headed dog Cerberus, the cornucopia and Charon, his ferryman and the key. The narcissus plant, the mint, the asphodel and the cypress were dedicated to him. His sacred animals include the screech owls, the serpents, and black ram.


Sagittarius : Dionysus   God of the vine of wine as well as of ecstasies and mysteries. He was also the patron of two major drama festivals, and the urban Dionysius. His attributes are the vine grape, the thyrsus and the ivy crown. His sacred animals are the panther (leopard), the goat, the donkey, the lion, the serpent and the wild bull.


Capricorn : Apollo   God of music, arts, knowledge, healing, plague, prophecy, poetry, manly beauty and archery. His attributes are the laurel wreath, the bow and arrows and the lyre. His sacred animals include the swan, raven, roe deer and python.


Aquarius: Prometeus   God of the Titans, the benefactor of the human race. He was, indeed, the wisest of all his race. He gave man the gift of fire and the skill of metalworking, even though he knew Zeus would not approve.


Pisces: Poseidon   God of the sea and the oceans, of navigation, of storms, but also of earthquakes. His attributes are the trident and his sacred animals are the dolphin, the horses and the bull. Wild celery and pine trees are his sacred plants.




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