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My Yos


With the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the confinement situation we are experiencing, I wanted to allay people's concerns by launching a greeting symbol in the virtual world of the Web, a kind of little nod eye to enliven people's day.

I am currently in the studio in my new creations for my WILDLIFE SERIES.

As an artist, being confined is part of my life, on the other hand, being confined by obligation is something else. I wondered about the consequences of the pandemic and COVID-19 that we are all experiencing. I thought of those who live this confinement alone, in a tiny apartment, and who have no family or friends to talk to. I also thought of those who, on the contrary, are confined with their families 24 hours a day, as well as single parents, teenagers who are already going through a period of change and who cannot get closer to their friends. For those who live with mental health difficulties, who are elderly or who are sick and especially for those who have lost a loved one. I had a very special thought for those who risk their lives to help others, who devote themselves as best they can to guarantee us a safe social environment and a certain environmental balance.

This pandemic challenged me like all of you and I wanted to make my contribution by bringing a little light in this greyness. I challenged myself to create a SERIES of "YO" (YO is a code that sends a "HELLO" to one or more people) to greet all those people affected by the current crisis.  This series is shared on my Facebook and I invite people to do the same to greet as many people as possible. I am continuing this process in order to reach even more people during this difficult time.

I invite you to share my YOs. Let's touch one more person together every time we share. To do so, join me on my Facebook then find one of my YOs and SHARE. Thank you !

YO 7   150
YO 7 150
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YO #8     150
YO #8 150
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YO #6  buck2.   150
YO #6 buck2. 150
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YO #5 FOX   150
YO #5 FOX 150
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YO #4 faon    150
YO #4 faon 150
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Yo #3    150
Yo #3 150
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YO #2
YO #2
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YO  #1
YO #1
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