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My Yos


A project born under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic

The message has the potential to endure. We should continue spreading the YOs to promote positivity. Working together, let's make a difference in one additional person's life every time we share.

As an artist, being confined is part of my life, on the other hand, being confined by obligation is something else. I've been reflecting about the consequences of the pandemic.  I was particularly concerned about those who were experiencing confinement alone in a small apartment without any family or friends to communicate with. I also empathized with families who were confined together 24/7, single parents, teenagers who couldn't see their friends, individuals with mental health difficulties, elderly people, and those who had lost loved ones.


We shouldn't overlook the significant number of businesses that had to shut down for several months, leaving their employees immediately jobless. Unfortunately, for some establishments, it meant permanent closure, never to reopen again.

During the global COVID-19 outbreak, I found myself immersed in creating my latest WILDLIFE SERIES within the confines of my studio in Rouyn-Noranda when I was permitted to get there. When everyone was under lockdown, I wanted to ease people's worries by creating a virtual greeting symbol that we could share on the Internet. It was a small gesture to brighten up people's day, and I decided to call it a "YO". YO is a code to say "HELLO" a friendly greeting to one or multiple people.


I decided to use my series of animals to act as messengers of my "YO's" aiming to convey a sense of collective unity and effective communication.

I shared this series on my Facebook page and encouraged others to do the same when they saw the YO's go by, in order to greet as many people as possible. ​


Thank you to everyone who participated and for the new ones to come.


The ORIGINAL SERIES OF MY YOs consists of 8 digital prints measuring 6" x 12", in an edition of 12. Pigmented inks and museum-quality paper are used for printing, and only the 1/1 is available on wood panel, protected with a museum-grade UV varnish. Finally, all works in this series are signed by hand.​​

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