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Teach art to children and enrich their lives

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Learning to teach art in 3 months is possible!


An investment in self-transcendence.

A dream investment that has become a reality. A long-term investment.

A possible realization!

Teaching program 

Welcome to this training program inspired by over 30 years of experience in the field of art education and artistic practice. I'm excited to share my knowledge and talent with you as the demand for art classes for children continues to rapidly grow each year.

This program has been specifically developed to meet this growing need and enable you to explore this exciting path of art education. You will find a comprehensive introduction to art teaching, as well as a strong foundation in using the AACJD method, which allows for optimal guidance in this new adventure.

Are you ready to acquire new skills and share your passion for art with others? Then let's dive together into this enriching training journey.

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Let's enrich our children's lives through art.

There is hardly anything else on earth that brings as much satisfaction as sharing one's knowledge, especially with the new generation.

This program is the result of years of reflection, and I eagerly look forward to guiding you on this wonderful path. You have probably heard the phrase, "It is by teaching that we learn." Be prepared to flourish in one of the greatest fields of education: visual art.

What you are looking at today will never appear the same way to you again; that is the power of art. Whether it is on a small scale or not, it never ceases to surprise and enchant us.

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