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Commissioner Martin Beauregard

Rift Gallery, Ville-Marie

From March 20 to August 31, 2020

Project of Atelier les Mille Feuilles, printmaking art center

Quebec Council of Arts and Letters  

Photos: Isabelle Roby




Qr codes

Photos: Emilie B. Côté


More than ever, the world of printmaking is unconventionally transformed in this postmodern digital period. My pursuit of the image and my readings on religious / political mediation commit me to focus on the cultural memory of the “crucifix and the cross” within contemporary art. The work "MMXX" is a hybrid interdisciplinary creation conceived under a new approach and questioning the sense of the image leading the visual language towards other horizons. The "fine art print" is revealed as a “participative installation sculpture”.


MMXX exceeds three meters in height and is made-up of thirteen cubes edifying the symbol of the cross. Spaced and suspended by wires, these cubes testify to the imposing presence of this highly publicized symbol in current social debates. The work represents my testimony of the crucifixion and invites us to reflect on religiosity leading along the increase in multicultural diversity.


The uncovered and lit interior of the thirteen cubes prioritizes the shape of the cross and symbolizes religion. Three of these cubes host a print created with a 3D printer which are inspired by 19th century European lithophanies. The three pieces reveal, in backlight, subjects relating to the environmental outrage caused to our Earth and symbolize the "Sacrifice of Christ".


Composed of aluminum panels, each cube is superimposed and covered with a colored digital print. The top and bottom of the cubes reveal the image of a tree's growth circles, reflecting the memory of time rooted in this species. The bark, like a skin, envelops the outer sides, from top to bottom, and glorifies the vitality of the growing tree facing, however, the devastating consequences of certain human actions.


The active participation of the spectator requires the use of the smartphone in order to access, by capturing QR codes, selected archives, in connection with the debates surrounding the crucifix in Quebec. The matrix images impregnated in the design of QR codes testify to the danger of the survival of our planet and symbolize the crucifixion of Man by Man, due to the pollution of air, water, environment and melting glaciers.

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