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in 3 months

From september to november 2023

The inscriptions for the Fall Session start from the 21st of August - 25th 

12 consecutif classes of 3h 
Meetings: Once a week
Theory and practice

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the strategy behind effective and accessible teaching.

  • Master the AACJD Method and popular art techniques so that you can confidently transmit them to your students.

  • Use the AACJD Method and art techniques to prepare your classes effectively for your audience.

  • Guide children and reduce their stress using the AACJD Method and art techniques.

  • Foster creativity and intuition through the AACJD Method.

  • Encourage children's talent.

  • Utilize tactile and visual objects to stimulate imagination.

  • Present the step-by-step process of creating a project.

  • ...and find fulfillment in this creative and enriching world where knowledge is passed down from generation to generation!

If you have arrived on this page, it means...

  • You are seeking to gain experience in the field of teaching, with a strong desire to live this experience.

  • You are already in the teaching field and want to integrate art into your lessons or incorporate art projects into your classes.

  • The idea of making a difference in children's lives motivates you.

  • You are interested in becoming a professional in this field.

  • You have a particular interest in art and want to combine it with your passion for teaching.

  • You are already enthusiastic about learning and sharing the knowledge you will acquire.

  • You are ready to embrace an effective structure to facilitate your learning.

  • You have a deep desire to connect with other people working in the fields of art and teaching.

  • If you find that any of these elements resonate with you, then you are ready to embark on this wonderful experience of learning and sharing with the Exclusive Art Teaching Certification at the Celine J. Dallaire Academy of Arts.


This program allows you to quickly begin your teaching as soon as you have finished your course.

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