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Acrylic on canvas, Danielle Simard


Thursday day or evening

From November 5 to December 17, 2019

Daytime: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Evening: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


7 weeks

$203 + tax

$225 + taxes, painting included for the first 2 classes ($10 per class  additional if I supply the paint)

INTUITIVE PAINTING  is a painting process that allows each individual to discover images of themselves through their own creative journey. INTUITIVE PAINTING is a tool for the beginner, intermediate and advanced painter. The goal is to allow oneself the freedom to immerse oneself in color, in the process of painting while targeting the core of one's inner creativity.

That said, meditation becomes an essential element in this process and applies to different levels for each participant. One of the keys to the success of INTUITIVE PAINTING  is knowing how to approach it, how to prepare and how to execute it to derive great satisfaction from it. The first goal is not to create works to expose, it is rather to penetrate through a new internal environment and to externalize its energy in colored work.

In this 6 week session you will learn to:

- Look differently

- Use tools that will take you off the beaten track

- Meditate visually and target your meaningful images

- Let your intuition guide you in gesture, color and application

- Compose your intuitive map in paint with a personal interest

You will need:

- Your painting materials, brushes, spatula, rag, disposable palette, paper towel, etc.

- Various canvases / sizes  eg: 12'' x 16'',  14''x18'', 12''x24'', 18''x24'', 20''x20''  

- Those who do not have paint and tools, I can provide them for an additional $10 per class, but you must buy your canvases.

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