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Copie de Hélène-Doyon--Médiums-et-techni

Mixed techniques and mediums

Helene Doyon


Mixed techniques and mediums   Carmel Dion

Experimentation in painting and mixed media

This experimental approach to painting and mixed media is designed to further awaken your creative instincts and introduce you to the innovative diversity that the complexity of mixed media has to offer as well as some beneficial techniques for achieving extraordinary results.

You will learn:

- To combine 2-D and 3-D mixed media techniques

- To choose the ideal surface for your project

- To take advantage of the transparency and opacity of the mediums 

- To take advantage of processes with addition and subtraction in order to build relief,  awesome effects and more.

I will guide you individually to introduce you to new material. You will experiment through a series of exercises while having demonstrations that will give you a new approach to techniques and processes.  We will use paint, drawing materials, scrapers, brushes, collage,  homemade gesso, glues, plaster, wax and more. 

I will help you shape your creative identity by stimulating your creative mind, which will allow you to focus on multidisciplinary development and help you create a message based on the art of mixed media.

This exciting and interactive course in mixed media will help all artists who want to reach another level in multidisciplinary art and will reveal essential information and techniques that will serve you as a source of creative inspiration indefinitely.

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