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From January 7 to February 25, 2020

Tuesday day or  at night

For everyone.

MATERIAL /  concentration: ACRYLIC

The list of equipment will be provided during the 1st lesson and all the equipment will be available at the Academy, so no worries trying to find this or that in the stores.

What you will need to bring: spatula, brushes for painting and  to apply glue, acrylic paint, palette, rag, paper towels and your surfaces on which you will work, such as: canvas, wood or metal panels etc.

MATERIAL /  concentration: ACRYLIC

The list  of  material will be available at the 1st class and all of the material will be available on site at the Academy, so no need to run everywhere trying to find each item in stores.

What you will need to bring: palette knife, paintbrushes to paint and one for the glue, a rag, paper towels and your surfaces such as: wood panels, canvases, metal sheet etc. 


This experimental formation with gold leaf and  painting is a two-pronged creative approach. The first which is an apprenticeship in the application of gold leaf and the second which requires a little experience in painting to join the two harmoniously. You will discover innovative diversity through the complexity of mixed media and  advantageous techniques to accomplish extraordinary results. The technique of laying gold leaf is not rocket science when we have the right tools, the right mediums and we follow the right steps. So once you have acquired the basics, you will explore different ways of combining gold leaf with painting, including glazing techniques that you will learn in order to be able to alter the surface of the gold leaf without making them disappear entirely under your  paintings. The recipes will be most important so I recommend that you bring your "sketchbook" notebook.  

You will learn:

- The techniques of laying gold leaf

- The varieties and qualities of  imitation gold leaf  vs pure

- To use the mediums and tools essential for professional application

- To use different surfaces on which the gold leaf can be applied

- The "DO" and "DON'T" steps and mixtures; the"DO'S and  OF WHICH",  

I will guide you in your experiments through a study of exercises with  demonstrations to make it easier for you to learn techniques and processes. 

This innovative course in integrating gold leaf into painting will open up multiple facets for you to explore your new creations with a unique touch and all "SHINE".  

We look forward to introducing you to this magnificent medium!  

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